The benefits of the jump rope

The jump rope is a great exercice to lose weight. Jumping rope is an exercise that allows you to simultaneously solicit all your muscles. The body must tap into its energy reserves: you burn calories. It is an excellent exercise for the heart, which promotes muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.



Jumping rope is a complete fitness exercise since it engages all the muscles in your body :

  • Upper Body : the rotational movement that drives the rope requires effort from the arms, shoulders and pectorals.
  • Lower Body : the repetition of jumps during a period causes a muscular contraction. Your calves work to ensure good cushioning with every touch of the toe with the ground. Your muscles are refined but without volume effect.
  • Abdominal strap : to ensure good posture and balance during exercise, you should perform a work of cladding at the level of the abdominal strap. You draw your abs and tighten your waist.


By making skipping rope regularly you can quickly lose belly and offer you an ideal silhouette.

Let’s do it !


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