Love yourself


When you learn to love yourself, you allow yourself to love others, removing all negativity from your heart

The hardest things to do is to love yourself. You are your own critics, every littles imperfections, the smallest mistakes. You can take 1000 pictures you will always find something wrong with every pictures. We always want to be perfect.

Instead of enumerate your flaws try to look in the mirror and count all the things you love about yourself. Count your blessings every morning, this doesn’t have to be about your appearance, there is so much to be thankful in life.

Take note on what you’re most insecure about and  take action to resolve the matter. You have to learnt to love yourself, you’re not perfect but this is the real you, imperfections and all. Do not hide from it and start to notice all the beautiful things that make you.

If you live for a man’s compliments, you will die from his Criticism

Learn to look good for yourself, wear what you like because it makes you feel good. When you start doing things for yourself not for a man your self confidence will start to improve and then you will realise you no longer want that approval you needed.

Do not let others insecurities affect you and your self- confidence, you shouldn’t need to rely on someone else’s approval.

Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you

All body shapes are beautiful, don’t be fooled by everything that you see on social media!
Work damn hard to build yourself, your health and happiness is the most important thing. Use an individual for inspiration or even as your target goal, but when looking at them starts to make you feel negative about yourself, this will start to knock your confidence.

What do you love to do? What makes you happy? What is your passion? Ask yourself these questions, getting to know yourself is a great way to boost your confidence. Take time to do the things you love. Have some ‘me’ time.
It is so hard discovering self-worth and practicing self-love.

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have how can anyone see how great you are if you can see it yourself ?



  1. What a beautiful and inspiring read!! I am on my own journey to self love and it’s hard but hey I don’t think it’s easy for anyone. Thank you so much for supporting others and encouraging them and sharing your views.

    My blog is all about my journey and the struggles and hurdles in life I face. It’s a platform for everyone to be themselves and not be ashamed of it. To voice your opinion with confidence. I would love for you to visit my little corner of the internet and would be pleased to know your views. Xxxx


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