How to motivated yourself to workout


How to get into fitness? How to stay motivated?


Before all, I would like to talk about my experience with my body and how I finally manage to accept myself today. It’s been three weeks since I’ve taken up the sport again correctly, that I’ve been eating healthier. And there is no secret, it works! I’ll write you an article about my diet, the exercises I practice in details. My objective is not my weight but my reflection in the mirror. Honestly, I don’t care about weight, and you should too.. The important thing is to feel good!

I’ve always been complex. MY BELT, my biggest complex. Some people can afford to eat what they want, but unfortunately, this is not my case, I need a good diet and also sports! Of course, life is unfair but I stopped comparing myself to others and I finally understood that we are all different. Our body will react differently according to each person.


I get motivated by my husband and some friends. My husband is a fitness lover since years ago, he’s the one who made me realize how important to take care of my body and appreciate myself more is. He’s my trigger. I know he was doing it for my own good. It’s at this moment I started to take care of myself. He’s my motivation.

His instagram 


I’ve often wondered how some people are so much into fitness like that? How could they enjoy themselves? How did it become something vital? If my husband wasn’t there to encourage me every morning and going to the gym with me I wouldn’t be so motivate. I think we all need a partner that push you to your limits at the gym. It motivated. When I see these fitness figure on social media, I’m so impressed ! But since I’m going to gym, I understand why. It becoming a part of my routine and I like it. Going to the gym should no longer be seen as a chore, but more as an everyday habit. 



Then why doing fitness? The first reason is for your well-being to slim down, to muscle up, But the benefits are so much greater. I’m very nervous by nature, so I need to unwind, let go at the gym.  I think it’s important for everyone to have this moment when you are in total osmosis with your body. And finally, I have back problems.. I haven’t been holding up very well since I was a kid. Sport helps me build muscle.



First thing I did when I start going to the gym: shopping. I can tell you how motivating is it to have a beautiful outfit! You’ll see, you’re gonna love go to the gym with your new clothes.😉 




I’m an Instagram addict so you know I follow some fitness models that actually inspire me to work out, it helps me to keep on track and achieve your fitness aspirations. thanks to all the trainers, yogis, and athletes who actively post, we’ve discovered that a simple swipe of a finger can also introduce us to major motivation to hit the gym.
Tell me what is your motivation?


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