Welcome to 2018

Goodbye 2017

First of all I would like to wish you a happy new year.  May it bring you everything you heart desires : health (the most important thing), love, happiness and money. Don’t be a fleece to others. Take care of your health. Be aware of your abilities. Push yourself upwards. Listen to your bodies and your hearts. Take care of your loved ones, stop shouting for nothing. Meet and discuss but don’t let a conflict kill you internally. Don’t be off the hook the people you have decided to separate are already aware that they no longer have anything to do with your positive good. You don’t have to remind them. Don’t wait until the new year to set goals.

2017 ? I will begin by saying my year was “mixed”. I disappointed a lot of people but it never goes one way: I was disappointed too.
In particular, I noticed that I was really “a pain in the ass and very boring”, but this is only a reflection of all the love I have to give to this exceptional person that God has reserved for me. I am overflowing with imagination and I intend to use all these things, because I persist in saying that we are on earth to accomplish something and every morning we have an incredible opportunity to open our eyes: it is not for nothing.
I would go on to say that I enjoyed sharing new things and above all I understood that no dream was too small and that we should never wait on others to succeed, surpass ourselves and motivate ourselves: we are our own engine.
I hope nothing else for the days of the year 2018 than to open my eyes every morning, walk, run, run, travel, eat, have a roof over my head, hear my mother laugh, listen to my daddy’s training advice and his military wisdom in everyday life. It’s probably the best thing that has done me the most good this year. I was surrounded by wise people during the year, I received some beautiful moments of love, and I took pleasure in helping when I could. I am very far from being perfect and fortunately because I think you’d be pissed off, I think you’d be bored… nice encounters, beautiful moments, good old laughter as we need it every day, sorrow and disappointment but what a beautiful year would be without these things.

If I had to choose a word to represent 2017, I would choose “CHANGE”. A lot of things have changed in my life.


I met my husband since 2012. But for 2 years, I went back and forth. Since we get married in 2016 in August we decided it’s time to move in with him. This is my first apartment, and I’m moving to United States honestly, it’s complicated sometimes because there is a lack of family and friends. But apart from that, there’s such a special atmosphere that you feel good about it.


Concerning this blog, I made it because since August I’m in United States I can’t work until I receive all my papers and I really have to improve my english so I decided to create a blog to talk about my new life my passion. I have a husband so supportive and encourage me for everything I undertake.  I take so much pleasure in writing to you, giving you good tips and advices. (I will make a article about my new life)


In 2018, I would really like to travel, discover new cities, new cultures, new landscapes, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Reunion… And you??


Honestly, who’s holding them? Not me. Do you have any good resolutions? I just wish you that the year 2018 will be even more beautiful and always surrounded by family and friends. In 2018, believe in your dreams and don’t give up.


Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me!


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