Wax Fashion Paris


WaxFashion is a salon dedicated to african fabric.

WAX FASHION PARIS is a project led by a young team working for African values. It is sponsored by the young association BlueHand, which will act for the educational and health development in Togo, but also for the accompaniment of foreigners in integration in France.

The WAX FASHION project is run by a nonprofit association that works in humanitarian work their goal is to help sick children, homeless people, migrants and the needy.

Organizing events is a way to finance the needs of the association.

The idea of organizing an event around the fabric arose from the following observation: the African fabric has become such a coveted fabric that one might be prepared to think that it is a tool for unifying cultures. These carriers are so many different origins.
However, he does not have his own manifestation. Apart from fashion shows, there is no cultural event that really highlights the African fabric.

WaxFashion tends to bring together actors practising the entire fabric. The project has evolved through meetings with African designers and creators. The latter systematically express their need and enthusiasm for the idea of participating in a large-scale event presenting their creation.
The Salon is the meeting place between creators and customers. It’s the occasion to honor the creators working the WAX, but also the African fabrics as a whole (bogolan, baoule, kente, batik etc…). It is also a space of exchange and meeting for various actors, including economic operators.

WaxFashion Paris is festive and convivial. This is a great space for promotion. The primary ambition is to make the WaxFashion Paris an unmissable meeting place for textile production in France… and recognized beyond borders. Contributing to the emergence and success of the African cultural economic sector is their motto.

Last November 18th took place the first WaxFASHION event. During this first show, there was: exhibition of the creations of stylists, young talents working on Wax and African fabrics (Bogolan, Kenté…) sales (clothes in wax, accessories in wax)
an awesome fashion show even Shooting photo of the guests with the participating creators then the even end with a cocktail with music. The purpose of this show was to meet the creators, exchange, discuss, see and touch creations in african fabric. Here some pictures :

It’s never too late to catch up so if you’re in Paris the 10th march knows that WaxFashion and Kinfree* join forces to present you this event“Afric and Wax”  Between 11am to 10pm come enjoy good vibes, here the address 7 rue froissard Paris 75003.


Kinfree is a clothing brand but above all a concept, a state of mind its meaning is African free. The creations come from Ivorian workers who are passionate about colour fashions and culture. Wax Fashion showcases their work by organizing shootings and making the quality of fabrics available to them.




How to become a partner?

The WaxFashion team is always happy to welcome new partners.
Partnerships includeC Event, J’aime Choco Milo, UBER, Les délices de Micheal, GHS, Gosset Records etc… All you have to do is to contact them at





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